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Coffee and a Hug.

Posted by Rosanna Bermudez on

Zoë and I just got back from Orange County, California where we exhibited both indieSWIM and Indie + Wild at Swim Collective for the first time. We also made it up to Long Beach to scope Agenda for future shows.

Overall, professionally speaking, the trip was a success- we got the chance hang with our West Coast team, catch up with some of our current buyers, and meet some really great new accounts.

But this blog post isn't about that...  

Indie + Wild at Swim Collective



I'd like to share a favorite moment of the trip that keeps popping up in my mind:

As Zoë and I left a Laguna Coffee Company, we noticed an 18 year-ish old boy with down syndrome, standing with a backpack at the crosswalk. As we approached, he looked up from over his eyeglasses and under his baseball cap, pointed to us and gave a happy shout "Are you ladies looking for a hug?!" Zoë and I looked at each other "Yes. We. Are." I replied. 

He walked towards us arms out, and a few different thoughts crossed my mind "is he ok next to this busy street on his own?" "I wonder how many hugs he's given today?" "is he going to squeeze too hard?"...

Upon reaching each other, I collected my totally appropriately squeezed side-hug and Zoë collected hers. He turned quickly, pressed the crosswalk button and stepped off of the sidewalk into the white stripes painted on PCH. 

Mary Hurlbut Oak St and PCH

My heart skipped a beat and in an attempt to slow him down I caught myself saying aloud "woah, woah, wo-" but he interrupted "I know these cars move fast... You girls have to be careful, I've seen some accidents right here" and led the way across the 4 lanes of stopped traffic.

After reaching our side of the road, I wished him great day, and Zoe smiled "thanks for the hugs" he turned his back and as we watched his backpack trot the opposite way, from over his shoulder he shouted "you betcha!" ... 

I've since caught myself thinking about our sweet, free Sunday hug and thought I'd share this about the health benefits of hugging it out: Free Hugs. The Health Benefits of Hugging It Out

So go ahead and get your hug on, its good for you ;) 


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