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indieSWIM loves Goldfish Kiss

Posted by Rosanna Bermudez on

By Michaela Garretson  

Have you ever taken the time to scroll through Rebekah Steen’s Instagram pictures? S O  G O O D. Her blog is like a virtual vacation, you can practically smell the salty air and feel the sand beneath your feet. 

Rebekah is an artist and natural beauty. She's also the creator of Goldfish Kiss, a blog that has captured the attention of beach-loving girls all over the world. The carefree, fun-lovin’ blog offers relevant advice, enticing DIY projects (have you seen her nail art?!) and features some of the best brands on the beach.  

In addition to maintaining her blog, she has been teaming up with various companies to collaborate on exclusive designs for clothing, swimsuits, shoes, jewelry pieces and more. Of course all of that is cool, but what's cooler is that the amount of popularity Rebekah has received hasn’t changed the atmosphere and vision of why she began Goldfish Kiss.

In a recent interview with Rebekah, we got the scoop on what it’s really like to run a blog, how Rebekah herself struggled with body peace, and just what makes this multi-talented woman happy.

“The site is all about my life, lifestyle, random thoughts, and has really turned into my happy little place, where I can make an impact on people on this here world wide web. Hope it’s as fun to read and peruse as it is for me to create.” 


1. How long have you been running your blog Goldfish Kiss?  I’ve officially been posting consistently for a little over four years. December of this year will make it five. So fun. 

2. How has having a blog changed your life?  It’s definitely opened up doors that I didn’t think or know were possible when I started it. But also I am a bit of a space cadet and it’s forced me to focus and stick with something almost daily, and because of that I can really look back and see a site that’s turned into a body of work that I’m really proud of. Ok and I’ve met so many amazing people because of it as well. Ok and I own more bikinis (and have been able to pass them along to friends) than I ever dreamed of.

3. What is the greatest thing you have learned from starting a blog? 

That anyone can make a positive impact on people. It’s something I’ve always wanted to do and I am amazed at how the blog has been able to do that.

4. When you see indieSWIM bikinis, what do you think?  What thoughts immediately come to mind? SHELLS!! Rad prints, something a little bit rustic, and that I want to go to Trinidad and Carnival someday. 

5.What do you love about indieSWIM?

The designers! I met Zoe and Rosanna in Miami this past summer and had a blast with them. I just think they are such cool and sweet gals, who are beautiful inside and out. I really think it’s fantastic when a swimwear line manages to find a niche and unique look and I love how they’ve done that with indieSWIM too.

6. What piece are you currently crushing on 
from the Paradise Fete collection?
Ohh so much radness, but I’ll pick my favorite two…. the Malibu One piece in Afrikana || J'ouvert Mud, and Seychelles bottom /Tortola top in Vibes Tribe || Tropical Sunrise both had me at hello! 





7. What is a common misconception people have concerning you/your blog? Ok I think are there are two main misconceptions. 1: That I live some fantasy life at the beach. Most of my days spent working, taking care of my dog, and trying to get stuff done. I just don’t like to photograph that part all that much. But I do like to stock up on pics when I  make it to the beach, or travel somewhere cool…like back to Hawaii. Second misconception is that my blog is my job. I have about five different things I do for work. And the act of actual blogging on Goldfish Kiss makes me about $200 a month (from affiliate links)….which last time I checked, doesn’t really pay the bills. 

8. Where in the world do you want to travel to that you haven’t already traveled to? SO. MANY. PLACES. Ok here are a few: Iceland, The Philippines, Indonesia, Australia, Madagascar, South Africa, Thailand, Norway, Seychelles, Fiji, Scotland, Panama, Chile, Hong Kong, Costa Rica, a private island in the Bahamas…just to name a few. 

"I want girls and women to stop comparing their bodies, and to learn to look at and appreciate the body they’ve been blessed with."

9. What do you want girls/woman who struggle with body peace to hear? Have you ever struggled with your body? What did you do to gain confidence in yourself? 

I want girls and women to stop comparing their bodies, and to learn to look at and appreciate the body they’ve been blessed with. We all are not built to be a size 2, super tall and narrow-built model. Myself included! And I also wish we’d all focus more on how to be healthy and happier,  instead of just how to look a certain way. There’s so much more to life that a six pack! I’ve definitely had my body struggles both with image and weight gain. Well, the weight gain was when I lived in France, I put on so much weight that I’d walk into a clothing store and the sales lady would inform me that they did not have any clothes that would fit me. And you know what? Life went on. And every nutella crepe I had that got me there was worth it at the time. When I got back to the US, I ate healthy, worked out a lot, and the weight gradually came off. I also struggled a bit early on in High School and would deprive myself at times, simply because…I hadn’t yet learned to accept my athletic build and was trying to be like the models I had pinned up pictures of in my locker.  But, around my Junior year I really turned into a meat-head, realized I had potential to play Division I athletics, and started working with a Strength and Conditioning coach. So I was powerlifting, throwing down some heavy weights, and I started to realize it was pretty bad ass to have muscles. And that my body was capable of some amazing things.  My focus started to shift from trying to look like something, to wanting to be the strongest, most powerful me. I am not perfect, and have my good and bad days like the rest of us. But thankfully, knowing I am doing my best each day to be the healthiest most balanced me, has given me the confidence I need.  Phew, I guess I have a lot I could say about that subject!

10. Describe your perfect day. It was my wedding! Woke up, had a big breakfast with my family, went surfing with my husband, hung out on the beach with my friends, got all dressed up and had a big ‘ol dance party. Ate some amazing seafood, had Guava Cupcakes, then sat on the beach and watched the stars with my husband. Rebekah and Hubby

11. What makes you happy? Making my husband laugh, being in the water, catching a really good wave, when my pup cuddles up with me, my Dad’s jokes, fresh air and open spaces…gosh there’s so much. I could write an essay. 

12. One quote you can’t stop thinking of? I just wrote this one down today: “Don’t Half ass anything. Whatever you do, Always use your full ass.” ~ Anon And ok because I love this one too... “ Your Smile is your logo, your personality is your business card, how you leave others feeling after an experience with you becomes your trademark.” ~ Jay Danzie

"Your smile is your logo, your personality is your business card, how you leave others feeling after an experience with you becomes your trademark.” - Jay Danzie

A big thanks to our girl crush, Rebekah Steen of Goldfish Kiss!